I am sure I am not alone in having watched Scooby Doo cartoons and found myself dreaming about what would happen if the geeky and possibly lesbian Velma Dinkley ever managed to get it on with Daphne Blake. Back then a set of pics like these would have had me spanking it three times a day haha! Take a look at this gallery of what the guys and girls from the show really get up too off camera.

Velma and Daphne lesbians

We see Velma and Daphne double teaming Fred and Shaggy and even doing it doggy style with Scooby! He really buries his bone up Velma’s big butt and she seemed to get off taking his knotted dog cock. Once they wore all the guys out the two were alone and got down to some lesbian sex with each other. A more x-rated and depraved hentai series I could not have hoped for!

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