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We have seen dirty Marge and Homer going for it numerous times on this site but there are many other Simpsons characters that like to party. One is Edna Krabappel, Bart’s teacher. You may not think of her that way but one look at this picture and you just may change your mind. The hot teacher is looking mighty fine with her panties yanked down around her knees and her wet pussy is just dripping with juices. Oh yeah she wants the cock big time!

sexy Edna Krabappel

No wonder Bart is always misbehaving. I would too to spend my afternoon with a sexy older woman like her that is ripe for a banging. Skinner ain’t ever gonna hit it so why not?

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Remember that episode of the Simpsons were Homer nearly has an affair with a rather sexy woman? I do and so do the guys at Toon Fan Club by the looks of this free gallery. They have created a much more steamy version of events than what we saw on TV.

In this fantasy version Homer decides he wants to get his fuck on with the voluptuous redhead. He is mad for her tits more than anything. After pinching her nipples and sucking on them he makes his sexy coworker ride his fat yellow cock til he shoots cum right in her face!

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When Homer was late coming home one night Marge went to where she thought she would find him Moe’s Bar. Turns out he wasn’t there but as always Barney and Moe where. She decided to have a drink with them and they soon saw how horny this housewife was. She was soon rubbing her hand on their groin and in no time she had Barney’s fly undone and his big fat dick in her mouth. Moe seized the opportunity and yanked down her panties to get access to her juicy pussy and he stuck his meat member deep inside and fucked her.

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We have all seen Marge and Homer involved in all sorts of strange and kinky sex acts but today we are going to see some of the other Simpsons characters sex lives. First up we see classic mommy’s boy Seymour Skinner fucking his mom! Haha no wonder she likes to keep him under her thumb. Elsewhere in Springfield Apu takes some time off and gets his freak on with the Reverends wife! Brings a whole new meaning to “thankyou cum again!”

weird simpsons sex

Apu sex

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Here’s a secret sex video Marge and Homer filmed in the privacy of their bedroom. Too bad it’s now on the internet for the world to see! Seems like Homer likes to watch his sexy wife play with her pussy. He gets her rub her wet cunt lips while he strokes his fat yellow cock. He gets so horny watching her masturbate he ends up shooting his load all over the place.

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Seems like out of all the cartoon milfs around Marge Simpson is by the far the most cock hungry. She may look all goody two shoes on the show but this horny cougar loves to get her fuck on off camera big time. Check her out in this free gallery and see for yourself. Homer comes home from work and she pulls his big yellow cock out of his pants as soon as he sits on the couch. She is all over it sucking him and massaging balls like a good wife.

marge fucked

After he’s cum in her mouth she is still randy as hell and heads over to see Krusty. That’s right this hot mom wants some of that big clown cock she’s heard about. He didn’t need a written invitation either. Marge soon had her legs spread and her gaping pussy was just begging for him to penetrate her love muffin.

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Oh man I LOLed hard when I saw these Simpsons sex pictures at Tram Pararam. That dirty cartoon MILF Marge is lonely at home while Homer is out at work and notices the dog is rather frisky. She drops her panties and props her big juicy ass up. This is an open invitation and Marge is soon getting fucked by the family dog. Homer arrives home only to see her getting it doggy style haha!

marge gets fucked by the dog

horny homer

To get back at Marge Homer goes to visit her sisters Thelma and Patty. He soons has his face buried in their big tits while they take turns sucking his fat cartoon cock.

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This update from Cartoon Reality shows just how sex mad they are in the Simpsons home town of Springfield. It seems like there is not a single character from this series that is not a deviant sex maniac as demonstrated by this free gallery.


First a drunken Barney manages to score with the local librarian. An unlikely couple for sure but she climbs aboard Barneys cock and rides him like a pony.

mr burns and smithers

At the local nudie bar Smithers takes Mr Burns to see some tits. Old Mr Burns gets so into it he starts rubbing his wrinkled old dicks while fondling the girls. Smither’s is so turned on by his bosses penis her jerks himself off and cums all over the place.

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Aye Carumba! Looks that horny cartoon family are at it once again in this Marge Simpson porn picture from Tram Pararam. Marge gets naked and parades around the house in front of Bart who gets a boner watching his moms big tits bounce around. She then leans over a table with her sexy ass wiggling around.

marge having sex

As for Marge, she loves it! Old Homer just doesn’t do it for her anymore and she loves any sex she has!

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We always get people requesting more adult Simpsons toons here at RCS, so today we’ve got more pictures for you from Tram Pararam. This time rather than feature Marge and Homer going at it we’ll show a few of the other characters getting it on! And let me tell you there is no shortage of Simpsons characters that have sex together when they think they are off camera ha!

adult simpsons toons

Well I though Skinner was gay till I saw this pic of him having some cartoon sex with a couple of female teachers at Springfield High. Lucky his mom can’t see him pumping his thick yellow dick into these whores lol!

Elsewhere a girl goes into the back of the bar with Barney and Moe. They both pull out their dicks and get her to play with them. She gives them both a handjob before kneeling down to suck their cocks!

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