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Poor old Scooby, he was just moping around the house looking for something to do when he heard some weird noises coming from the girls bedroom. Like any dog he went to investigate but was not shocked by what he saw. Velma and Daphne where both in there servicing Fred’s big prick.

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These girls were like permanently horny and when there is a big hard cock around their lips and tongues are never too far away. The gorgeous redheaded Daphne is busy fondling his swollen balls while she gets as much of his fat dick in her wet mouth as possible.

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Her geeky friend on the other hand lifted her little pleated skirt and just planted her ass right on his face. I am he enjoyed eating her fragrant pussy while having his knob gobbled!

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After watching this hot Scooby Doo porn video I am left wondering with of these girls mouths I’d rather park my cock in. Would I prefer to fuck pretty redhead Daphne’s mouth or give nerdy Velma’s tonsils a tickle with my member? Hehe I think Shaggy and Fred get the best of both worlds and take turns getting sucked off by both these cartoon babes. I am sure Scooby himself even gets a look in these crime fighting girls are so horny.

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I am sure I am not alone in having watched Scooby Doo cartoons and found myself dreaming about what would happen if the geeky and possibly lesbian Velma Dinkley ever managed to get it on with Daphne Blake. Back then a set of pics like these would have had me spanking it three times a day haha! Take a look at this gallery of what the guys and girls from the show really get up too off camera.

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We see Velma and Daphne double teaming Fred and Shaggy and even doing it doggy style with Scooby! He really buries his bone up Velma’s big butt and she seemed to get off taking his knotted dog cock. Once they wore all the guys out the two were alone and got down to some lesbian sex with each other. A more x-rated and depraved hentai series I could not have hoped for!

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While most of my school friends were busy lusting after the more conventionally sexy Daphne Blake from Scooby Doo I always had a crush on the glasses wearing geek girl Velma Dinkley. I liked her freckles and fuller figure. There were definitely some big boobs under that orange sweater she always wore and I would fantasize about them non stop.

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I reckon the guys at Tram Pararam are also big fans of Velma too. They often feature here in their Scooby Doo hentai series… even more than Daphne. Check out this picture of Velma getting fucked by Shaggy and Fred at the same time. Her big boobs are out for all to see as she takes cock from both ends.

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For a scruffy hippie stoner that Shaggy manages to get a lot of action. In these Scooby Doo sex pics from Tram Pararam we see the skinny dude get lucky again. And with two chicks!! That’s right he manages to stumble across a very nude Thelma and Daphne who were both as horny as hell. The girls soon have him stripped naked and are almost fighting over who gets to suck on his rather large cock first haha.

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All the Scooby Doo characters seem to be total sex maniacs. They love getting down for some xxx action in the van. Check out some more pictures in this series to see the girls get busy with Fred too. There are even pics of Shaggy fucking the Thelma and Daphne with his dog cock at Tram Pararam ahaha.

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They guys from Drawn Sex have been at it again with another batch of Scooby Doo sex pictures. This time up geek girl Thelma gets naked in the woods… well she is not completely naked she is still wearing her scarf and long socks hah. She finds Shaggy before he knows what the fuck is going she unzips his pants and starts sucking his cock. The sight of Thelma’s juicy ass is too much for Scooby who mounts her from behind and hits it dog style! When Shaggy final cums her blasts his load all over her face and glasses!

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Oh my! Who would have thought the cast of Scooby Doo would be such horny sex maniacs! These hot and damn funny pictures from the crew at Drawn Sex show just what Scooby, Shaggy and the rest get up to backstage.

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First up cartoon babe Daphne is on her hands and knees and she is really getting fucked dog style lol. She has a mouthful of Shaggys cock and is blowing him like a whore while Scooby taps that ass from behind. The Shaggy is so fucking stoned he roots the lezo Thelma on the stairs haha.

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Oh man I’ve always wanted to see the cute cartoon babe Daphne from Scooby Doo nude! Everytime I watch an episode of Scooby Doo I can’t help but fantasize about what she looks like naked. And as these pictures from Drawn Sex show she’s got a nice 38 DD rack and a nice bubble butt. Nerdy Thelma is also nude and god damn! Those are some huge cartoon tits!! I always figured Thelma for a lesbian and in this set of pics it looks like I was right!

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Looks like Scooby Doo is getting an eyeful in this hot pic from the twisted minds of Tram Pararam. A nude Thelma has her big tits and cartoon booty right in his face and I bet Scooby is thinking he’d like to hit that doggy style lol. I always knew the nerdy Thelma had some huge boobs under that sweater she always wears!

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