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Poor old Fred getting cock teased by his sexy next door neighbor Betty Rubble. To make it worse she is his best friends wife! Well on this day she made him way to horny and he ignored all the possible risks and made his move. He slide up behind her and felt her up. She didn’t seem to mind so he lifted her skirt and licked out her sexy little pussy and ass. Things heat up from there and he really fucks Betty hard and doesn’t stop til he has dumped his cum load all over his best buddies wife.

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That sexy redhead Wilma Flintstone sure has her mouth full here. She has hubby Fred’s huge fat cock stuffed down her throat as she sucks him off outside under the stars. She really gets her sweet lips working up and down his thick shaft as she sucks and slurps and waits for him blast his cum load right down her throat.

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He’s not done yet though as he wants to stick that big bone in her tight pussy too before he’s done. To her surprise he also plugs it in her asshole. Judging from the look of ecstasy on her face she likes it! Maybe Barney has tapped it before and loosened it up for Fred!

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I bet you never expected to see a Flintstones sex tape. Haha well check this shit out! Betty talks her chubby hubby Barney into having a threesome with Fred. She had been wanting to get some of his fat cock in her mouth ever since Wilma told her how big his dick was. Both the guys didn’t need much convincing and they soon had their pants down and their junk in her face.

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Betty got on all fours and opened her mouth wide for Fred to shove his huge boner down her throat. He fucks her sweet mouth while Barney hold hers head and pumps her from behind.

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What a hot sight seeing these two get naked together. Even Dino is getting a hard dick and no doubt wishing he could bury his bone in both these cartoon babes. The ladies are more interested in eating out each others pussy than fucking their dog though haha!

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Wilma shows up and busts the guys having a threesome with her best friend. Instead of being angry she wants in on this action and joins them for a four way orgy Flintstones style! The guys pull out just in time to blow their loads all over their wives faces. Ha Betty and Wilma end up with cum all over their pretty faces and the boys are spent.

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Fred Flintstone came home on his lunch break because he knew Barney wouldn’t be home and he would get a chance to fuck Betty Ruble. I think he got so sick of banging that skinny bitch Wilma he wanted to have a crack at Betty. I always though she was the hottest of the two. Bigger tits and that nice round ass. Yabba Dabba Do!!

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While Wilma, Betty and Bam Bam have a hot threesome Fred gets his chance to fuck Pebbles. He gets Pebbles nude and then rams his prehistoric dick into her young pussy. Yabba Dabba Do!!

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