Family Guy

We all know that sexy Family Guy mom Lois Griffin is a total nympho. She just adores the cock and we have seen her bouncing that cute little bubble butt up and down on plenty of them. Well the hot MILF is at it again as these shocking pictures reveal. This time Peter is away and she makes a booty call to his best friend Glenn. He doesn’t need much encouragement and comes straight over to scratch her itch.

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She pounces on him like a cougar in heat and pushes him onto his back on the their bed. She guides his big boner into her soaking wet pussy and lets him suck her titties while she grinds down on him. She soon looses all control as she rides his cock to orgasm.

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Now here is a mom in serious need of a banging. Sexy Lois Griffin is no stranger to our pages and we have posted pics of her having all kinds of kinky sex with just about every male character from the show including the family dog!

When this cartoon MILF gets an itch she wants it scratched immediately… preferably by a big juicy cock. Speaking of which the pretty redhead gets to suck on fat one in this free gallery. She licks and gobbles that greasy pole til it spurts cum all over her perky tits and face.

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Man we have a super hot video for you today. It’s no wonder sexy cartoon MILF Lois Griffin is always smiling and happy. Hubby Peter has a big thick cock and she loves servicing it. Take a look at this clip as we are a fly on the wall in their bedroom. She unzips him and pulls out his big member and goes to work sucking on it. She can barely get the width of his fat cock in her mouth as she slurps away.

Peter loves sticking it in her ass and he gives his wife a good long anal fucking. She gets on top of him and rides his dick as she loves the feeling of his long pole penetrating her asshole. He is not done with that though. He pulls out of her bum and shoves it straight back into her mouth so she can finish him off.

He finally cums in her mouth squirting a few big loads of cum down her throat. She releases his manhood from her mouth but it’s still spewing out cum and blows a few more big squirts all over her face!

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Sometimes I wonder how that fat guy Peter Griffin managed to score himself a wife as hot and sexy as Lois. Hmmm maybe she likes chubby dudes and the sensation of his bulging belly pressing against her sexy ass as he nails her doggystyle.

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She sure is working up a sweat in these pictures as her overweight hubby has his big cock buried inside her all the way up to his cum swollen balls. You just know she is gonna get blasted with that payload when he is done hitting it.

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Is there a hotter mother and daughter combination in cartoons today than those sexy Griffin girls? Meg and Lois both look sexy as all fuck tarted up in their short little skirts with no panties. Mmmm what a couple of horny sluts they are when dad Peter is away.

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Which one would you prefer to bone? I’d love to ream both their juicy pussies at the same time. Imagine having mom riding your dick one minute then pulling out and slipping it insider her sexy daughter the next! A fantasy every guy has dreamed of I am sure.

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Following up from our last post about hot cartoon moms is yet another one. Of the new breed characters I would say that Lois Griffin is the one that I deem the hottest. She is a lot like Jane Jetson in many ways not the least of which is her rather curvy figure. Big boobs and nice big bubble ass are the best parts of this sexy mommy.

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They both love getting down and dirty off camera too. Here’s Lois at her slutty best. Kneeling before Peter she has her mouth full of his juicy cock and sucks him long and deep til he rewards her with hot steamy cum load.

When she is done with hubby she goes out and blows some of his friends too. This insatiable cock gobbler just can’t get enough when it comes to man chowder. Her hot daughter Meg takes after her mom too and also gets in on the act. Imagine a mother and daughter double up with these two!

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We all know what a horny little bitch sexy cartoon babe Meg Griffin can be. We’ve seen pictures of her getting down and dirty with most of the male characters from the show in the past. This time though we have actual video footage of her in action! Check out this preview clip from the full video and see for yourself.

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Little Meg has a mouthful of hot cock which she is busy sucking like it was the tastiest thing she has ever had in her pretty mouth. While she blows that big dick she has her moms vibrator shoved almost all the way into her asshole and pleasuring herself with it.

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We’ve all seen what complete sex maniacs those Griffins are. Lois in particular is a complete whore for the cock. Seems she just cant get enough of it and has sucked and fucked every single one of Peters friends. Here she is getting it on with him for a change.

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Elsewhere Meg has been flirting with Glenn and he can’t wait to help her out of her clothes. Once she is naked he is all over her buxom body. He sucks on her perky tits before diving between her legs to eat out her puffy pussy.

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Cartoon MILF and sex goddess Lois Griffin shows why she is so popular with Peter’s buddies in these revealing pictures from Cartoon Reality. After sucking off Glenn this cougar is still hot and horny for more cock and arranges a booty call with two more of her husbands friends.

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She gives the American Dad star a hot blow job while Peter’s other buddy slams her ass from behind. If you check out these free previews from the rest of this Family Guy sex series you’ll see she is still not satisfied and goes on the have sex with a few more of her fellow cast and family! Seems every one except Peter gets to tap that ass… even the dog gets a look in lol!

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Looks like the sexiest cartoon MILF is at it again. Lois Griffin is one super horny mom and as we’ve seen before she likes having having sex once old Peter has gone to work. Chris doesn’t need too much encouragement either when it comes to fucking either. This time Lois is in the kitchen in just her apron and she gets on the floor and wiggles her ass around. Chris’s cock springs to attention and he drops his pants and mounts her doggy style. He pumps Lois’s pussy full of his fat dick while her huge boobs swing and sway haha.

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